Ciprofloxacin 500mg

Cipro is a prescription antibiotic whose primary purpose is treatment of infections caused by bacteria, such as eye infections, urinary tract infections, infections, skin infections, infections of bones and joints, stomach and intestinal infections, respiratory tract infections, blood infections, ear infections or throat infections. Patients with muscle weakness, epilepsy, hypokalemia, diabetes, kidney or liver disease, joint problems, seizures or trouble breathing should be especially cautions when taking Cipro, because the doctor needs to be aware of their interactions and recommend the dose of Cipro that will be based on that information.

Cipro is supposed to be taken regularly, at the same time every day, without missing your doses or skipping them. You will need to tell your doctor if you get any mild side effects that do not go away, such as nervousness, nausea, blurred vision, anxiety, drowsiness, vomiting, dizziness, sleep problems or agitation. Your doctor will need to be notified immediately if you ever develop any rare and unlikely serious side effects of Cipro as seizure, depression, joint bruising or swelling, confusion, watery or bloody diarrhea, fainting, skin rash, fever, weakness, severe dizziness, fast heartbeats, yellowed skin or loss of movement in any of your joints. You must never take too much of Cipro for any reason, because an overdose can cause symptoms like blue lips, seizures, urination problems, pale skin or weakness and will have to be reported to the nearest emergency center.

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